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Gordons Profile

My name is Gordon Abrams. I have been in the 4x4 conversion business since  1987. I have a 1979 E250 Quadravan, 1960 CJ5 Willy’s and a converted  4x4 1955 1/2 ton Chevy pickup, which is my daily driver

First of all, lets clear up the top 10 questions that I am asked nearly every day.

1) Yes, I am a Mormon

2) No, I don’t have more than one wife (I can’t handle or keep up with the one I have, matter of fact, I divorced her in 2012)

3) No, I don’t have thirty kids, I have one teenage boy named Clayton

4) No, Mormons don’t have horns. This statement may have more to do with something else. Lots of kids maybe?

5) No, you don’t have to pay 10% tithing on your parts order. There is no price increase for being something other than a Mormon.

6) It’s true, I don’t drink or smoke. It is against the LDS health code referred to as the Word of Wisdom and  It works for me and I stick to it. But its not against my religion to give someone a good butt  kicking or a black eye for continuing to shove a beer in my face.

7) No, I don’t know any Texas FLDS Mormons, and I am not related to any.

8) Yes, I do like a good Mormon joke, I won’ get mad.  Although, they are never as funny as the brutal jokes I am told by Virginians and West Virginians about one another.

9) And for my British patrons, there is NOT a tunnel under  the Atlantic ocean between Liverpool and Salt Lake City to smuggle  teenage virgins to Utah. What century do we live in anyway?

10)  What is a Jack Mormon? A JM is a person who is born into the Mormon  faith but doesn’t live it and doesn’t pretend to. Not to be confused  with the Sunday Mormon who acts the part on Sunday, but the rest of  the week he is waiting for  you to drop your financial defenses to his  smooth talk and lies, all the while waiting to screw you. Sadly, there  are far to many of those in business.

 OK, with that out of the way, lets move on....

   I have been an avid mechanic since I was a little boy. My  Grandfather was a master diesel mechanic and taught me much of what I  know today. My father, when he wasn’t yelling at my for misplacing his  tools, also taught me quite allot. My first mini bikes, motorcycle and  car were given to me in basket case condition so I would have to fix  them up if I wanted to use them.

   I grew up in the mountains of Northern Idaho’s panhandle  in a small town named Kellogg. I spent many of my summer days in the  early 1970’s hanging out at the Kellogg City shops were all the city  trucks were maintained. Many of my fathers friends worked there and I  loved to watch them work on the 4x4’s and heavy trucks. The only days I  didn’t go to the shop was when they gassed the stray dogs in a big tank  with the exhaust pipe of a military 6x6 truck!

   I was greatly impressed by some of the men in my town who  built the massively powerful Ford, GM, Dodge, IHC 4x4 trucks  that were  used to pull struggling 18 wheelers up the steep inclines of Lookout  Pass on I-90 during the winter months. Fully chained Semi trucks could  barely make it up the mountain pass. I enjoyed watching these beefed up 4x4 trucks paired up to a diesel rig with engines roaring as they  dragged the diesel up the pass. Big axles, big block engines, blowers,  headers sticking up through the hood. Everything you could imagine to  make a truck more powerful. True 4x4 monsters rarely seen in magazines  today. I wish as a kid that I had been able to take pictures of them.

   In the early 80’s the mines and lumber camps of northern  Idaho closed down and my family and I had to move on. I moved to Salt  Lake City, Utah in the spring of 1984. A few years later I found my  dream job working for a 4x4 shop in the Salt Lake valley. I spent the  next 14 years dumping my heart and soul into this job. That is where I  developed my love for 4x4 vans. I became intimately familiar with all  makes of 4x4 van conversions running the parts department for this  company. After several years of elusive raises, broken promises and  bounced paychecks I reluctantly was forced to move on to something else. I began converting vintage pickups to 4x4 and later made contact with  the owners of Pathfinder Equipment Company and began to build service  parts for the many Pathfinder made conversion vans.

I have many interests. Next to building 4x4 trucks and vans, I enjoy building and riding vintage  British made Triumph motorcycles. I can’t reveal how many I have,  because then my wife will know what I’ve been up to. The trick is to  have more than one that are painted the same color scheme, then she  can’t keep count or tell the difference. I am a founding member of the  Utah British Bike Club and ride whenever the opportunity arises.

Gordon Abrams Yellowstone group

Group ride to Yellowstone National Park

Gordon Abrams / Triumph 500 TT

British Field Days, 500TT Triumph

  After I build them, I have to ride them. Evening rides  up the cool mountain canyons of the Wasatch mountains or a ride to Park  City for a bite to eat is a great way to unwind after a long day at  work.

   I enjoy riding these old Trumpets on long distance  rides that can last up to 5 days. Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Sun Valley  Idaho, Grand Canyon have been some of the destinations we have traveled. Recently, our group biked to all the State and National parks in the  State of Utah over several days. For modern bikes, this distances  doesn’t seem all that far, but on a 1950 or 60’s Triumph it feels as if you’ve gone to the moon and back.

   Sometimes you earn a nick  name for something stupid you do or say. Triumphs don’t have luggage  racks to strap down your gear, but plenty of places for the hook on the  end of a bungie cord. Therefore, I earned the handle of Bungie Gord which has followed me for 20 years.


Roger “Schultz” Dixon, riding compadre

1966 Triumph 650 Bobber

1966 Triumph 650 bobber project

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