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Dodge 4x4 Kits



Dodge 4 inch leaf spring kit

The 904D kit contains all the basic suspension components to install your axle into a pre 90’s Dodge van. It includes....
* Leaf springs (pair)
* Urethane hanger & shackle bushings w/sleeves
* Shackle set w/ bolts
* Universal shackle frame mounts (pair)
* Universal hanger brackets w/ bolts



6 inch Suspension Kit

This kit contains all the basic components to install the axle of your choice into a 1976 to 96 GM van. Kit includes

*Leaf Springs (pr)
*Urethane shackle and spring eye bushings
*Shackle frame blocks
*Shackle set w/ hardware
*Hanger brackets with bolts


Questions on parts or need to place an order? Call 385-202-7176 from 9:00 AM to 9:00
Monday-Friday (mtn time)

Sunday is Ok if you are unable to call during normal hours