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4x4 Van Kits

Do It Yourself 4x4 conversions

   Allot of people want a have a new 4x4 converted van. Many can't afford a new conversion and many of the used vans are pretty hammered. The  other option is to build your own. But don't be fooled into thinking  it's easy. If you are not mechanically inclined, you may be getting in  over your head. Pathfinder 4wd Van Accessories can supply most of the suspension and steering parts to make the job easier. You will need to  find specific axles, transfer cases and other components to get it  right. The following pages of info have been written to help point you  in the right direction.

   It must be understood that many of  the operations described herein can, if done improperly, can cause an  serious accident. It must also be agreed that distributors and  manufactures of the parts used in building your conversion cannot take  any responsibility whatsoever for any accident arising from the use of  their products. If in doubt, contact one of the professional van  converters to have your van converted.

   The following pages  are a guide to converting your van. But there are many different ways  to build a conversion, we are only putting forth the version we are  comfortable with.

Other options

Option A: Buy a rusted or wrecked 4x4 converted van and strip the 4wd parts for  installation into another van. Look over the parts closely. There were  some crappy conversion companies all through the 1970’s 80’s and 90’s  that converted vans using axle housings cobbled together by cutting the  tubes, swapping the tubes to opposite sides and re-welding them. Look  for cracks and weld repairs and avoid these axles. They came on Ford,  Chev and Dodge vans with leaf spring front suspensions that had the  shackles located at the rear. Original Pathfinder vans have their share  of problems, most of them are design issues. Feel free to call if you  have any questions about a van or parts you might consider buying.

Option B: Swap your van onto a 4x4 van chassis. E-series Fords from 1976-91 seem  to share the same body mount locations ahead of the rear axle. For a  body swap, the donor van and 2wd van to be converted should share the  same wheel base. The GM and Dodge vans are uni-body and don’t have  frames to swap. You will have to go with option.

Option C: Pathfinder offers basic suspension kits, steering and other accessories to convert your 2wd van to 4x4 using basic pick-up parts. These parts  are universal in design and can be used however you like.

  • Chevrolet & GMC vans
  • Ford vans
  • Dodge & Chrysler vans

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